Interior Lighting Workshop

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Apr 262009

On April 18th, 2009 I joined Scott Hargis and Thomas Grubba at their Phoenix, Arizona area Interior Lighting Workshop. These one-day workshops focus on interior lighting techniques useful for real estate photography and architectural photography.

Real Estate Photo House Exterior

The sold out workshop had two professionally staged model homes to use as classrooms. We focused on lighting techniques using Speedlight-type strobes fired remotely via radio waves or optical sensors. Attention was also paid to the compositional arrangement of the images being captured.

Real Estate Photography Workshop Bedroom

Most images made use of multiple strobes reflected (bounced) off of walls and ceilings. Strobes were usually mounted atop lightweight tripods and triggered remotely via the strobe’s optical sensor.

Real Estate Photography Workshop Participants

Interior brightness of the room was typically raised to a level roughly equal to the light levels seen outside. This gave us images with both well lit interior views and properly exposed exterior views – avoiding the “blown out” window look.

Real Estate Photography Workshop Bathroom

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the workshop and learned many things, including several tips and tricks that can be hard to pick up without seeing them performed first hand. I would recommend an Interior Lighting Workshop to anyone looking to learn more about interior lighting for real estate photography.

Real Estate Photography Workshop Kitchen

Real Estate Photography Software Tools

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Mar 252009

Some of the software tools used in photography and more specifically, real estate photography.

Adobe Photoshop.
Adobe Lightroom.